A Note From the Chairperson

A Note From the President

Debbie Yeager, Garden Club of Cape May President
President, Debbie Yeager
Our President's Message

Way back in 1975, my family built a house in CMP and my love of Cape Island began. I was a college student, lifeguard, sailor, server, bartender, teacher, and coach while I lived here in my 20's. I met my husband here and of course, got married in CMP. Although we lived and raised our family in Camden County we were able to purchase a house here in 1999 and summered here until retirement 6 years ago. We are finally home again!

When we purchased our home, we got to know our neighbors quickly, Stina and Ferg became family too. Those of you who are lucky enough to have known Stina understand her passion for gardening, the sun, and life, hence my membership in the Garden Club.

Through my years at the Point and working in CMC, I had already met and known some of our wonderful members and to this day reminisce with some of you. While attending meetings and volunteering I have been able to meet many more and also welcome several friends into our Club. I have learned a lot about gardening and plants, and have gained an even stronger appreciation for the outdoors and nature through our programs and bus trips, etc.

It is my honor to represent the Garden Club of Cape May as President and I will do my very best to promote gardening, nature preservation, and education all while strengthening bonds and creating new friendships.

Debbie Yeager